MagnaLatch® Child Safety

MagnaLatch® Child Safety Gate Latches and Locks are the ultimate in safety and security around swimming pools, homes, childcares and playgrounds. Millions of self-latching MagnaLatches have been installed on gates around the world, assisting in saving countless children's lives and making generations of families safer

There’s a model of MagnaLatch to suit all types of gates around pools, homes, gardens, backyards and perimeters.

The latest, ground-breaking version of the MagnaLatch® is the innovative MagnaLatch® ALERT Gate Latch-Alarm, the world’s first and only combined safety gate latch and alarm system. It’s very easy to install.

D&D Technologies invented magnetic safety gate latches in the early 1990s.

Designed specifically for toddler-resistant gates, these Australian-made latches use patented magnetic technology and super-strong “permanent magnets” to eliminate mechanical jamming during closure.

While the popular Top Pull model is the ideal child-resistant gate latch around pools and other child safety areas, the Vertical Pull is ideal for pet gates, front gates, side gates and perimeter gates.

The smaller Side Pull model latch is ideal for general-purpose house and garden gates, and also comes in a version for round posts and glass gates.