Your gate is not just an aesthetic addition to your home; it's the first line of defence in keeping everything you cherish safe and secure. But safety extends beyond the physical barriers of your property; it's about something more profound - forging connections within your neighbourhood to create safer and more secure communities. According to our latest Safe Gates Report, a staggering 23% of Australians wouldn't let their children roam freely in their own neighbourhoods. The reason? A lack of community trust. We want to see this change across Australia and improve neighbourhood security.  not only help to improve the curb side appeal of your home, but they also protect what’s important to you: your family, your pets, and your home.

Put power back into community  The Safe Gates Report reveals that only one-third of Australians feel they know their neighbours well. This lack of regular interaction is a missed opportunity for enhancing community safety. A well-connected neighbourhood doesn't just deter potential threats but also fosters a sense of safety and well-being for all. As Ben Hannant, Safe Gates Week Ambassador, puts it, "Security is more than just physical barriers; it's about building a network of trust within your community."


Turning Awareness into Action  While the Safe Gates Report has highlighted the link between security and community trust, there's work to be done to translate this awareness into action. Surprisingly, only 50% of communities utilise platforms like Facebook or messenger groups to keep neighbours informed about local events or concerns. When asked about participation in Neighbourhood Watch or similar programs, only 39.1% responded affirmatively, while 37.5% remained unsure. Our goal is to change this. By fostering open dialogue, regular contact, and mutual support among neighbours, we can make our neighbourhoods safer, one step at a time.


Regular Checks and Beyond 
While it's crucial to regularly check your property to ensure it is safe and functional—it is something only 48% of Australians do. Our report shows that 1 in 10 homeowners have never checked their property's security status, and over half consider their home security to be merely average.




Startling statistics reveal that 20% of individuals have faced security breaches at their properties, an alarming wake-up call to the potential threats lurking in our communities. However, what's even more concerning is that a staggering 62% did not feel the need to bolster their security measures in the aftermath of such incidents. To truly foster safer communities, we must start within our homes. A gate with a lockable latch and self-closing hinges is not merely an entry point; it's your first line of defence. A properly maintained gate system deters intruders and ensures that everything and everyone you hold dear remains safe and sound.


The Safe Gates Week Report serves as a wake-up call for all Australians. Strengthening security measures, conducting regular checks, and nurturing neighbourly bonds are not just optional; they are essential steps towards creating safer, more interconnected communities. The challenge—and the opportunity—lies in bridging the trust gap. For more information, visit our Gate Latches & Locks section and explore our D&D Trade Catalogue.

Keeping your gate system in working order is vitally important so that it can do its job of protecting your property, the people within it, and your beloved pets.
A worrying 31% of people have never updated their gate’s latches or hinges. Your gate is only as safe as you make it, so ensure you keep everyone you love safe – at all times.


Keeping your gate system in working order is vitally important so that it can do its job of protecting your property, the people within it, and your beloved pets. Neighbourhood connection, is more than just about security. 64% said knowing their neighbours makes them feel safer. Download our FREE cards and start connecting with your neighbours today!