How can I order a key replacement?
Visit our Key Replacement page and complete the form 

How can I obtain duplicates of my existing  keys ?
You can only have duplicate keys made through your local locksmith. Please note that you must tell them which key blank to use in order to have duplicates made. If your key has a five digit number, then it is a LF18 key blank. If you key has a 6 digit number or no number at all, then it is a LW4 key blank.

Who do I contact to rekey my latch key to my front door key?
Please contact your local Locksmith.

How can I order replacement parts?
Send a photo of the part or latch in an email to sales.ddtech.au@assaabloy.com along with your name and shipping address, and the replacement part will be shipped out promptly. In most cases there is no charge for spare parts.

Do your hinges come with fasteners?
Some of our hinges do not come with fasteners. Bags of 100 screws are available for purchase. Check with your local distributor or contact D&D customer service

Is the Gate Weight rated per pair of hinges or per hinge?
Ratings are based upon one pair of hinges.

If my gate weighs more than the weight rating for a pair of hinges, can I add additional hinges to increase strength?
No, we only recommend using two hinges per gate as this is how we test them in our facilities. Please note we have a wide variety of hinges intended for gates that weigh as little as 20kg and as heavy as 680kg.

Which products are compliant for pools in Australia (and NZ)?
You can find our pool compliant gate hardware products here 

Which products are ADA compliant?
The LokkLatch® Magnetic and SureClose® Hinges are the ADA compliant products that we have available.

Are D&D products UV stabilised.
Yes D&D’s polymer range of gate hardware is UV stabilized, however white products tend to show marks more easily.

Are your white polymer hinges and latches available in Australia?
In Australia (and NZ), white products are available as a special order through your sales rep or local distributor. 

Can I clean my White Polymer hardware
Yes you can, and it is very easy and quick to clean your white gate hardware.
Using a magic sponge* or small brush such as an old toothbrush and soapy water will achieve the best results in removing grime and mould. Watch video here
*Blemishes are not covered under warranty. D&D’s White Polymer range may discolour and go chalky over time. Aesthetic changes/discoloration etc. are not covered under warranty. *Magic is a brand name for melamine sponges that are effective for removing stains and smudges with only water.

Can I paint any of your polymer products?
No, our polymer products cannot be painted. We produce white polymer in some of our range available as a special order through your sales rep or local distributor. If you need products that you can paint to match the finish of your existing gate, we recommend using our ShutIt™ products that can be powder coated. We also have a specific black powder coated range of ShutIt™ hinges. Our SureClose® hydraulic hinge-closers have a charcoal, anodized finish.

My gate is no longer self-closing and it has TruClose® hinges. How can I increase the tension on my hinges in order to have my gate working again?
Older model hinges:
These are easily identified as they have a round black dust cover cap with a small silver Philips head screw on the top of the body of the hinge: First take a Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the Phillips-head screw at the top of the hinge. Next, remove the dust cap on the top of the hinge. Then proceed as per below.
Newer model hinges: don’t have the round black dust cover cap: Insert a ¼” Flat-head screwdriver into the slotted adjustment dial. Depress as far as possible and then turn the screwdriver a ¼ turn counterclockwise to increase tension. Allow the adjustment dial to rise back up into the new position. You have now increased the tension by +1 setting. You can do this several times to each hinge but please make sure you do it equally. For example, if you increase the tension on the top hinge by +1 setting, then you should also increase the tension on the bottom hinge by a +1 setting. Generally, you only need to do one adjustment to increase the tension.

I want to replace my old hinges. Do the holes for the old hinges line up with the new hinges?
Unfortunately, the holes of the new TruClose® regular Hinges and KwiKFit™ hinges will not line up with the older models, however the older heavy-duty hinges have the same hole layouts as the newer models.

How can I prevent my gate lock from freezing in the winter?
Prior to the winter season, you should make sure all drain holes all clear and adjust the latch to ensure it is in proper alignment. Drain holes are generally located at the bottom of the latch and adjustment information can be found in the product installation instructions available on our website.