Vizage™ Hardware for Glass

The Vizage™ Gate Latch is made from 316 marine-grade stainless-steel and is simply a stainless-steel version of the popular MagnaLatch® Side Pull. They come in Polished or Brushed surface finishes. The Vizage™ Hinge is made of rust-free polymers and fits only 50mm (2”) round posts and glass gate panels 8-10mm thick.

Vizage™ Gate Latches need to be used in conjunction with various mounting brackets to fit to glass gate panel. Contact D&D Technologies for further information re proper glass mounting brackets.

 Vizage™ Hinges are an extension of the popular TruClose hinge range and are made of industrial-strength polymers. They will self-close gates weighing up to 25kg. The slide-on hinge leaf trim covers are finished with zirconium-protected surfacing in either Polished or Brushed finishes, all of which guard against rust, binding, sagging and staining. When clipped into place the trim covers conceal all hinge fixings, providing a clean, stylish finish.

With the Vizage™ Glass Gate Hinge, everything is supplied in one convenient kit to mount directly to 50mm (2”) gate frames and posts.