If it seems too cheap to be true,
that’s because it is.

Unscrupulous. Reckless. Stupid. Dangerous.


There are other words we’d like to use about cheap counterfeits purporting to be D&D Technologies’ products but they’re not polite and we can’t put them in writing. Aside from the illegality of copying our patents and passing themselves off as an Australian Made business that’s spent 35 years and millions of dollars creating, quality testing, and accrediting our gate hardware products to stringent ISO9001 standards, these unscrupulous counterfeiters put lives at risk. If we find them, we sue to put them out of business. But for the ones we can’t find, we ask that you take a good look at the product before you buy it. And if it seems too cheap or flimsy to be the real deal, that’s because it is.


How to tell a real D&D product from a fake 

Our genuine MagnaLatch products help keep children safe from accidental drownings in backyard swimming pools the world over, not to mention securing property from unauthorised access. These products have unique D&D identifiers. Look for our brand name, US patent number, or other traceability marker molded to the product itself.

If these are missing, then the product is a counterfeit and can’t be guaranteed to work as intended. Nor is it covered by our Lifetime Warranty. 


 If you find a counterfeit D&D product, please let us know.

Email a photo of the product and information on the place it’s being offered for sale
(or where its already been installed) and we’ll follow up to investigate. 

To help you spot a fake before you install it,
download our helpful guide.