The holidays are coming! Summertime brings with it long lazy days by the pool, BBQ's with friends and family and more time spent outdoors. We want to make sure that you enjoy this festive season, by keeping you and your family safe in and around the pool and when at home.

 Frightening fact: 
 1 in 3 pool owners with pre-school children have 
 had a family member involved in a near-drowning experience
 involving a backyard pool.

Play it safe and always close the pool gate! Keeping your friends and family safe while they’re enjoying the pool by educating everyone about the importance of safe swimming zones. By increasing pool safety awareness we want to reduce the number of toddler drownings which tragically occur each year.   Just a few minutes of your time could save a life. A comprehensive safety check of your pool fence and gate takes very little time, but has life-saving results.   So let’s get started! Join us for our ‘Sense Of Summer’ safety campaign and keep your family safe, happy and healthy during this festive season. The guide also includes a raft of fun ways to make the holidays brighter and happier. Think craft for the kids, boredom busting ideas, tips for pool parties, recipes and more. 


Kids who drown in pools most commonly gain access to the pool area through a faulty gate or fence. 

These types of unnecessary tragedies are something we want to eradicate!
The National-Check-Your-Pool-Gate Month campaign has been created to remind every pool owner of the vital need to ensure fences, gates, latches and hinges are secure and in top working order.
Every pool owner should be confident they have a safe pool zone. Pool owners should conduct comprehensive safety checks at least once a season, but especially in summer, when the highest incidences of drownings occur. 



 Zero Drownings Goal

Drowning prevention is every pool owner’s responsibility so let’s work together during National Check-Your-Pool-Gate Month to make our backyards are safer for little ones! There are over 2.7 million pools across Australia and if every one of those pools was checked for safety each year, it would go a LONG way in reducing our toddler terrible drowning stats.