Gates for pet safety

March 02, 2023

Gates for pet safety

Many homeowners choose to install a gate to keep strangers out, our loved ones in, and to improve the appearance of our property. But what about our four-legged friends?

While around three-quarters of all Australian households own a pet, not every resident has the proper security in place to keep them safe and protected.

In a recent survey, D&D Technologies found that around one-third of man’s best friend has escaped their backyard or home. With Australian laws now cracking down on unleashed and wandering pets (including cats) it makes sense to invest in a security gate and secure fencing to keep everyone you love in the family safe and sound.

Being a responsible pet owner means that you need to make your pet’s safety a priority; the safety of visitors to your property should also be considered. After all, no one wants to upset the Postie!

If you own a large animal – such as a dog, horse, or even a cow, you’ll need to ensure that your gate and fencing is adequate so that they can’t jump over the fence or squeeze between the gate posts. Keeping your pet securely within the boundaries of your home means that it’s safe from passing traffic, being stolen, or abused by strangers, or picked up by an Animal Protection Agency or council ranger — which means a hefty fine! If your dog is allowed or able to wander, it is vulnerable to diseases, eating poisoned or baited food, or being attacked by other dogs who may not be tame.

A secure pet also means better neighbourhood relations, as your animal won’t be able to dig up their garden, startle children, or help themselves to food that’s not meant for them.

When deciding on the most appropriate gate for your needs, take a look at the exit points of your property? Do you need a gate at the front and back yard? Where is the entry point – do you need more than one? And don’t forget the importance of a correct locking mechanism? Would an alarmed gate latch be a better choice? A proper functional lock and self-closing gate hinges will ensure that you can relax knowing that everyone you love is safe and sound.

To find out more about checking your gate or having the correct gate hardware installed, visit here.

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