Bamboo the 'green' alternative

August 12, 2022

Bamboo the  'green' alternative

Women in Fencing: Jennifer Snyders, CEO of House of Bamboo

Jennifer Snyders had already carved out her own successful career when the call to join her father’s company House of Bamboo came in 2010. Though the fast-growing and flexible material that had captured Mark Snyders’ imagination hadn’t yet revealed its potential to her, Jennifer could see it was worth exploring further. Immersing herself in research and experimentation with bamboo’s versatility, Jennifer was soon an evangelist for what she calls the “timber of the future”.

“Dad travelled a lot in Southeast Asia during the 60s and fell in love with the material,” says Jennifer. “Some of that was for its aesthetic appeal, but a lot more was due to its sustainability. He was way ahead of the curve on that. This was at a time when conversations about ecologically sustainable materials in the building sector were virtually nonexistent.”

Bamboo’s sustainability credentials are impeccable. It’s the fastest growing material on the planet—ready to harvest in 5 to 7 years as opposed to 30 to 80 years for trees. Renewable and self-generating, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and captures up to four times more carbon than the equivalent mass of trees.

As Jennifer became more involved in the business, she saw new applications and opportunities beyond simple bamboo screens and structures. She began to develop a range of engineered timber-like products from the material.

“Before I joined dad in the business, my background was in architecture,” explains Jennifer. “So, rethinking how bamboo could be used in construction and design was naturally where my mind went.

“The more I worked with it the more I realised what a remarkable material it is. Fast growing, strong, and with an ability to be engineered in timber-like materials making it ideal for all kinds of products including fencing, walls, cladding, screening, decking, and flooring.”

As a pioneer in the manufacture and use of bamboo products in the fencing industry, Jennifer has earned a good deal of respect from her knowledge and technical expertise. She encourages young women looking to make a career in the space to be confident and focused as to what they want to achieve.

“Woman can achieve whatever they want so long as they back themselves. There will be times when people will question your capabilities or knowledge. You have to ignore that and stay focused on the end goal of what you want to achieve for yourself. Surround yourself with role models and people that can help you get there.”

House of Bamboo has been a user of D&D Technologies products for more than a decade, recommending their customers use the award-winning hinges and latch products on their pool fences and gates. Says Jennifer:

“You can find D&D products on many of our projects. It’s a well-known and trusted name. The products are sturdy and they’re exceptionally easy to install.”