Shipping Containers Aussie style

February 06, 2019

Shipping Containers Aussie style

When architect Jonavan Roux, of Shipping Container Pools, started playing around with container designs four years ago, he had no idea it would change his life forever.

His father had been in the pool business, but the “pet project” of them making a pool from a container quickly developed into something much bigger. Everyone wanted to know more about these unique and affordable pools. Shipping Container Pools has now installed more than 500 pools over the past few years, including one in a series of The Block.

Like all pools, the containers need child proof barriers and other critical items to meet strict Australian Standards.

“Everything we use on the pools is Australian made and owned,” says Jonavan. “For access to the pool area we use Aussie-made fibreglass doors rather than ‘gates’, but we always add D&D’s MagnaLatch® and TruClose® Hinges because they’re clearly the best, and they’re reliably Australian made.

”We’ve used MagnaLatch® and TruClose® from Day 1.
They integrate so nicely with our doors, and provide a blend of style and safety.

Jonavan’s philosophy of choosing only Australian made extends to everything from the doors, shelving, decking, filtration systems and even the paint finish.

Says Jonavan: “Using such quality suppliers is a very important aspect of our finished product, and customers “get it” when we point out these things. We can’t keep up with the demand.”