TruClose® MultiAdjust™ wins over a seasoned installer

March 22, 2024

TruClose® MultiAdjust™ wins over a seasoned installer

“Absolutely brilliant” TruClose MultiAdjust Hinge wins over Jim’s Fencing’s Nick Drake

In the world of fencing and gate installation, the difference between a good product and a great one can significantly impact both the contractor's work and the client's satisfaction.

It’s a principle that’s exemplified in the experience of Nick Drake, is a master franchisor with Jim’s Fencing, covering Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs. With 21 years’ experience in fencing, specialising in PVC/vinyl fences and gates for residential use, Nick’s endorsement of the TruClose MultiAdjust Heavy Duty Hinge by D&D Technologies speaks volumes about the product's exceptional qualities.

"Without a doubt, it’s the best hinge I’ve ever worked with," says Nick. "An absolutely brilliant design, very stylish, and strong. Self-closing and vertical and horizontal adjustments, the ability to lock the hinge in place, all the bells and whistles. I’m very happy with it."

Nick’s relationship with D&D Technologies goes back 17 years, when he was first impressed with the company’s tough, durable, and easy-to-install products. He’s a fan of D&D’s responsive customer support, and the annual product masterclasses conducted by D&D's Victorian Regional Sales Manager, Manny Haractis, to his team of contractors.

In a market flooded with low-quality alternatives, Nick emphasises the pitfalls of going with the cheapest option.

"There's a lot of cheap, nasty product on the market that’s mass-produced overseas,” he says. “They break easily, sag, and the fixings are difficult to work with. You inevitably have to go back out to site and replace them, which is a frustration for the homeowner as well as for me. This is where D&D stands out, because their products don’t break, and they are all easy to adjust.” 

Nick explains that adjustability is an important element of hinges due to natural ground movement that causes gates and posts to shift over time. However, the TruClose MultiAdjust hinge is designed so that even a homeowner with a screwdriver can easily make adjustments without the need for professional intervention. 

This 3-way adjustable hinge is an industry game-changer. It offers horizontal, vertical, and self-closing speed tension and tilt adjustments without requiring special tools. The hinge's strength is equally impressive. Capable of supporting gates up to 70kg, it’s got plenty of heavy-duty brawn without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. 

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia, the super-strong TruClose MultiAdjust Hinge can easily weather the toughest elements and treatments, even coming with a limited lifetime guarantee in the rare event it ever needs replacing.

The last word belongs to Nick, who says: “I won’t be using another hinge than a D&D hinge. All the rest can go in the bin, as far as I’m concerned.”