Why self-closing gate hinges are so important?

October 22, 2021

Why self-closing gate hinges are so important?

It’s a good thing that people talk about the importance of self-latching gate latches and gate locks when it comes to child and pet safety gates around swimming pools, homes and gardens. However, even the safest and most reliable magnetic gate latch is only as good as the self-closing hinges which determine the force at which the gate closes.

In other words, safety gates, latches and locks need strong, dependable and adjustable self-closing hinges to provide the force with which to close the gate before gates and latches can do their bit in providing safety, privacy and security.

The advent of polymer gate hinges in the 1990s marked something of a revolution in the reliability of child safety gates. The existing hinge technology of the time was marked by cumbersome and mechanical metal gate hinges (and latches) that were known for jamming, sagging, binding and rusting.

Australian design and manufacturing company, D&D Technologies, invented the polymer safety gate hinge (TruClose®)...about a year after it had invented the magnetic safety gate latch! The two owners of what was a fencing and balustrading company at the time were frustrated by the dearth of durable and reliable gate hardware available to the fencing community. Failing to find products that lived up to their high standard of fencing designs they set about re-inventing the wheel(s).

The other motivator that drove the D&D team to develop superior safety hinges and latches is the fact that toddler drownings in backyard pools is still the No. 1 or 2 cause of accidental death in children under five in many developed countries. Such drownings are always considered preventable.

So what is it about TruClose® safety gate hinges that make them special? The choice of polymer at the time was controversial because the guys at D&D were mindful their hinges would be perceived as “plastic”, when in fact the 1990s marked the beginning of the ‘Polymer Revolution’, as evidenced by the plethora of polymer products in our lives today. Think about all the polymer products around your home, in your computers, printers and smartphones, and so many components in everything from motor vehicles to aeroplanes. The list of polymer components in our lives today seems endless!

D&D Technologies was able to prove to the industry that not only were polymer gate hinges strong, smooth and reliable but, more importantly, that they didn’t rust, never bound up from metal friction, did not sag and could be adjusted for self-closing tension at the turn of a screwdriver! Also, the properties of many polymers are what is termed “self-lubricating”, thus eliminating the need for lubrication and other such maintenance. Many polymers are also highly UV resistant, resulting in the materials lasting the test of time in harsh environments.

Today, TruClose® polymer gate hinges and the MagnaLatch® magnetic gate latch dominate the child safety and swimming pool gate latching and locking arena, with the products considered the most trusted choice of fencing professionals worldwide. Together, D&D Technologies’ multi-award-winning safety gate hardware products have captured the imagination of quality- and safety-conscious tradespeople, parents, childcare professionals and child safety advocates and organisations globally.

There’s a reason why D&D Technologies’ company tagline is “The world’s most trusted gate hardware.” Everything they do is based on the end-user’s perception of trust, safety, quality and innovation.

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