35 years of keeping people safe

March 26, 2024

35 years of keeping people safe

Backyard pools promise fun and respite from the hot sun, but for families with young children, they can be a source of constant anxiety. Drowning remains a leading cause of accidental death for children under five in Australia, and backyard pools are a major risk factor. Fortunately, companies like D&D Technologies prioritise safety in the design and manufacture of their innovative gate hardware products, helping make backyards safer for over 35 years.

A moment of inspiration creates a legacy of safety
The D&D Technologies story began in 1988 with a flash of inspiration. Co-founder David Doyle realised the potential of rare earth magnets to create a far superior gate latch — one that wouldn't rust, jam, or fail. That insight led to the MagnaLatch®, a revolutionary product that always engages to close and that has gone on to raise the bar on pool safety worldwide.

Winning various design awards both in Australia and internationally, the MagnaLatch® Top Pull Child Safety Latch has gone on to sell eight million units worldwide and can these days be found everywhere from pool gates to childcare centres — anywhere parents and carers need an extra layer of protection for the children under their care.

This dedication to safety continues to drive D&D Technologies today. Their commitment to innovation minimises accidents and saves lives. The MagnaLatch® ALERT is a perfect example: When a gate is left ajar, this clever device sounds an alarm and flashes an LED – alerting those close by that danger may be lurking.

Quality products, reputable brand
Beyond these life-saving inventions, D&D Technologies excels in crafting the everyday gate hardware that keeps properties safer. Their TruClose® self-closing hinges minimise the dangers of gates accidentally left open. With robust polymer construction, they resist rust and wear, even in harsh Australian climates.

The popular LokkLatch® series combines secure latching with convenient key-lockable operation. Designed for ease of use, these latches provide trusted security for homes and gardens.

D&D Technologies' relentless focus on quality sets them apart. Thorough testing ensures their products withstand the elements and perform reliably year after year. This commitment to excellence has made them the most trusted gate hardware brand globally.

Ingenuity that endures
"Our mantra is: always be the best—in ingenuity, in performance, in value.
We won’t settle for anything else," explains Richard Zitzelsperger, Group Product Development Manager.

This philosophy drives D&D Technologies' success. Their products solve real-world problems, often informed by customer feedback. The company’s work environment fosters creativity and collaboration, ensuring great ideas can come from any part of the company.

With a strong legacy and a constant drive to improve, D&D Technologies aren’t merely selling gate hardware; they're providing safety and peace of mind. When a fence needs to be secure, homeowners and fencing professionals alike know D&D Technologies is the brand to trust.