LokkLatch® DELUXE S3 New Release

December 14, 2021

LokkLatch® DELUXE S3 New Release

D&D Technologies announces the release of LokkLatch® DELUXE
‘Series 3’ Privacy & Security Gate Latch

One of Australia’s most popular gate latches has had a makeover.

Sydney-based design and manufacturing company, D&D Technologies, is pleased to announce the release of new “Series 3” models of its LokkLatch® DELUXE Privacy & Security Gate Latch.

With the highly popular LokkLatch® DELUXE complementing so many gates across Australia, it was tempting for D&D to let sleeping dogs lie and not tinker with the winning formula of the “LLD”. If it ain’t broke...

But the innovative company’s Research & Development team can't help itself; it has to improve product function and form if it sees obvious paths to improvement.

LokkLatch® DELUXE was invented in the late 1990s in answer to the poor choice of conventional metal D-Latches of the time. Not only did the LokkLatch® introduce rust-free, industrial-strength polymer housings and stainless-steel components to this category of gate latch, but it imparted a sleek, contemporary design to everyday gates.

The primary feature of LokkLatch® DELUXE (“LLD”) is that its two-part design allows opening and locking of the gate from both sides of the fence! Before LLD came along many gates required unsightly hand-holes cut into the gate to allow users to reach through and operate the latch. And because the DELUXE is also key lockable from both sides, it overcame the need for chains and padlocks as security. This was the quality, function and convenience that revolutionised suburban gates.

With key-lockable convenience a major selling feature of the LLD, the addition of high-grade lock cylinders in both housings means homeowners and users can have the latch rekeyed by a locksmith (prior to installation) to match other house doors and accesses. So convenient.

Installation of the latch is disarmingly simple. The two latch components – one mounted inside the yard and one on the street side – are connected by a sturdy polymer rod through the post to provide simultaneous opening and/or locking. With most of the screws supplied with the latch being self-drilling, installation requires only one drilled hole through the post.

What’s different or better about the new latch?
What is it about the new version of the time-honoured LokkLatch® DELUXE that will interest homeowners, DIYers and fencing professionals?

- New look and styling. The first thing regular users will notice is the new shape and styling of the latch housings. D&D believes the latch now imparts a more contemporary blend of chamfered edges and soft-but-confident design lines – a sleeker and bolder package. D&D notes the latch is notably stronger and tougher than the Series 2 designs.

- New, integrated fitting jig. How’s this for clever: the Mounting Bracket that secures the latch to the fence post also serves as the ‘fitting jig’ (template) to provide significantly faster and easier installation. The jig naturally aligns the drill-hole on both sides of the post so that the hole is level at all times. No more guessing hole locations on both sides of the post!


New ‘ball-joint’ Connecting Rod. The Connecting Rod that joins the two latch housings now has a press-fit connection in the push-button to prevent rods falling out during installation – or worse still, dropping down the centre of hollow posts. This also greatly aids faster installation time. (Two Connecting Rods are still provided with each latch to account for any cutting mistakes.)

- Two latch bolt lengths available. While the regular model carries a 50mm stainless latch bolt, a longer 62mm bolt option is available for beefier wood-gate installations (or vinyl gates).

Claim to fame
The LokkLatch® DELUXE boasts a prestigious Australian Design Mark award and comes with a Lifetime Warranty – not to mention the fact nearly all of D&D Technologies’ gate latches, locks and hinges are made in Australia to ISO-9001 Quality Accreditation.

D&D Technologies rose to fame in the 1990s when it invented magnetic gate latches and polymer safety gate hinges. The owners of the then-fencing business devised the award-winning MagnaLatch® Child Safety Gate Latch in response to the poor choice of unreliable, mechanical gate latches of the day. Similarly, it soon after invented TruClose® polymer gate hinges, which revolutionised gate safety and reliability of child safety gates worldwide via rust-free, highly adjustable designs.

There’s a reason D&D Technologies’ company tagline is “The world’s most trusted gate hardware.” Everything it designs and manufactures is based on the end-user’s perception of trust, safety and quality. It’s an attitude and passion to innovation and quality control that runs from upper management down to the factory floor.

Check out the LokkLatch® DELUXE and other D&D gate latches, locks and hinges here.