The Aussie ingenuity that became a world-standard

May 31, 2022

The Aussie ingenuity that became a world-standard

6-12 JUNE

As Australia Made Week kicks off, we thought we’d revisit the Aussie ingenuity that became the world’s most trusted gate hardware.

Back in 1989, D&D Technologies founder, David Doyle, was watching a science program showcasing powerful rare earth magnets which never lose their magnetic force. Inspired by the idea that these magnets could create gate latches that would never fail and thus, never need replacing, David rushed into his workshop and created a prototype of what would go on to become the iconic MagnaLatch® Child Safety Gate Latch.

The MagnaLatch® has since been installed on countless swimming pool gates, becoming as ubiquitous in Australian backyards as the Hills Hoist washing line.

Today, the product—locally manufactured and rigorously tested in D&D Technologies’ Sydney factory—is exported to world markets as far away as the US, Canada, South America, the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Japan. Its runaway success and clear market leadership have seen the company expand its gate and fencing hardware lines to more than 350 products.

Made tough to withstand the harshest of Australian elements, D&D latches and locks like MagnaLatch® and LokkLatch®, as well as the TruClose® self-closing hinge range are all proudly designed and made in Australia.

D&D Technologies President and CEO David Calabria says that when the company was expanding its product line in the late 1990s, they made a very conscious decision to keep their gate hardware manufacturing operations onshore.

“It was very important to us to keep and create local employment opportunities, which today number more than 80 staff in Australia,” says David. “And because a huge focus of our business is about safety and security, especially protecting kids from the risk of accidental drowning, we have to be uncompromising about our quality control and testing regime. We would never outsource or offshore it—we keep it exactly where we can see it at all times.”

When it comes to supporting Australian Made, David urges people to back local jobs and innovation.

“Purchasing Australian Made products supports Australian workers and the economy,” he explains. “These workers go on to support other Aussie businesses through their own local purchases. Making the decision to purchase one extra local product each week can have a huge influence overall.”

To learn more about the home-grown Australian success story of D&D Technologies check out our Australia Made video.