Red Stag Elevates Design with SureClose ReadyFit

May 30, 2024

Red Stag Elevates Design with SureClose ReadyFit

D&D has been loving Red Stag’s product photography and social media presence, and recently had a great chat with Nicola Watkins, the company’s Sales and Design Manager. 

Red Stag Gates and Fences in New Zealand offers a complete design and manufacturing service, creating custom steel and aluminium gates, fences, engineered balustrades, and metal screens. They also have a premium brand called Gate & Garden, which focuses on high-end residential projects. 

Nicola shared that many of the stunning entrance gates in the Auckland area feature the SureClose ReadyFit range of hinge-closers because of the following benefits:

  • The alignment legs provide double face-fixing strength, making it easy to wrap around posts and frames, and reducing installation time.
  • The controlled, quiet-close hydraulic system ensures a smooth gliding shutting action.
  • Installers appreciate the two-way adjustment for ease of straightening the gate, especially when retrofitting to an existing post that isn’t quite plumb.
  • This hinge self-close gates up to 120kg, accommodating heavier pedestrian gate styles such as louvre and slat profiles.
  • It aesthetically balances heavier and slightly wider than average width pedestrian gates on high-profile sites.
  • It ensures a definite strike to the closed position, reliably engaging the latch or magnets without needing to wait for the gate to shut behind you, providing peace of mind.
  • The emergency override feature enhances safety and longevity, particularly useful on body corporate sites. 

D&D wishes the team continued success and looks forward to a long partnership into the future with more great images of D&D product installed on NZ gates!

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